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This is my first post on my new official blog for all the writings of myself, author Jake A. Strife.

My current book project: Echoes of Nightmares is the first book in the Dawn Saga of Dark Dayz.

This is a urban fantasy/YA novel.

When a group of teens gather in a midwestern town, terrifying events occur. Creatures from the depths of the lowest darkness begin appearing wherever they go, along with frightening men and women in dark robes. One thing links these six youths… all of the above wants them dead. Will they learn to put aside their differences in order to survive? Can they fight back and protect their town, or is the evil rooted too deeply within?

In the coming days I will launch a Kickstarter project to self-publish this novel. The Kickstarter campaign will cover everything from professional editing to cover art and beyond.

If you’re interested, take a chance and follow this blog, and delve into the world of Dark Dayz.

Thanks in advance.Image