Hey everyone,

It’s been a little hectic on my end. Due to things out of my control I haven’t been able to work on my writing or Kickstarter the past month and a half. Thankfully the book trailer for Kickstarter is currently being edited and the final version of Echoes of Nightmares is ready to be sent to an editor as soon as the funds are received. 

So things to do in the near future:

1. Kickstarter for DARK DAYZ: Dawn trilogy – I – Echoes of Nightmares

2. Work on A.N.G.O.N. – Forge of the Body  (A new fantasy novel)

3. Spruce up my novel adaptations of Earthbound and Final Fantasy I (For fun/practice)

So that’ that. I’m hoping to have the Kickstarter up within the next couple weeks! Stay tuned and be sure to spread the word on this blog and the Kickstarter when it’s launched.

Take care,